I understand that there is a great personal story behind each real estate transaction, a very important motive to buy or to sell real estate. I pride myself for the ability to listen and understand that motive, and treat each transaction as if it was my own. Also, having friends and family from different parts of the world gave me a great opportunity to experience a variety of cultures and customs, and I find this part very essential for doing business in our multicultural world, especially in a state of Florida. I was born in Easten Europe myself, but I`ve lived in Northwest FL for 23 years. I`m a wife, a mom, businesswoman, volunteer, church member, a gardener and DIY`er, a friend to many wonderful people, and just a simple God and life loving person who loves to help people to achieve their dreams, and homeownership is a huge part of that dream. I`m here for you when you need me. Give me a chance to get to know you and we will make your Real Estate dream a reality!

In addition to being a great real estate agent who really cares about her customers, you can also find me in the yard gardening, working out, or if I can squeeze in the time, traveling to parts unknown! Meeting people in different countries helps me understand my customers better, so I can deliver the services that matter most to you. It’s important because I am originally from Russia and speak the language! The concept of homeownership is very important to me. Let me help you make your real estate dreams come true!


Russian, English